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Development & Adult Resources Branch is committed to studying and formulating Adults in Scouting Policy, planning and implementing different projects to recruit and retain youth members and leaders, encouraging Scout members to participate in community service, organizing first aid training courses and providing first aid service, so as to foster youth members and leaders to serve the community.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday   9:00am to 6:30pm
Saturday   9:00am to 6:00pm
(Lunch Hours   1:00pm to 2:00pm)
Sunday & Public Holiday   Closed

Contact Information

Room 1020, 10/F, Hong Kong Scout Centre, Austin Road, Kowloon
(852) 2957 6377
(852) 3010 8502

Upcoming Events

Recruitment of Youth Members

The aim of the Scout Movement is to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and aesthetic development of young people so that they may take a constructive place in the society. Our youth members, aged between the 5th birthday and the 26th birthday, are divided into 5 sections, namely Grasshopper Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venture Scouts and Rover Scouts, according to their age.

Application to join a Cantonese speaking Scout group may be made via our online application platform, “Join Us”, which provides basic information of the Scout groups that are open for application. Alternatively, applicants may submit a paper application form. For English native speakers, they may apply for an English speaking Scout group online.

Join Us

Application Form for Joining a Cantonese Scout Group (Chinese only)

Online Application to Join an English Scout Group (English only)

The Scout Enrollment Management System (SEMS) allows those Scout Groups which are open to public to recruit new members by the “Join Us” online platform. Scout Groups which are open to public are welcome to apply for a SEMS account to make the recruitment process simple and efficient.

SEMS Application Form (Chinese only)

Leader Recruitment

Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above are welcome to join us as leaders to develop young people to become good citizens. We organize “Leader Orientation Programme” regularly to recruit enthusiastic people to join the Scout Movement. The programme provides a series of basic trainings including the General Information Course of the Wood Badge Training, AED Certificate Course, training of sectional unit meetings and practical training in Scout groups. Participants who have completed the trainings are assigned to Scout groups to fulfill the mission of Scout leaders.

We also organize “New Leaders Matching Scheme”. This 2-evening workshop introduces basic Scout knowledge including the characteristics of different sections of Scouting, simple knotting skills and Scout ceremonies. After the workshop, we assist the participants in joining Scout groups. Interested individuals may submit the New Leader Application Form.

New Leader Application Form (Chinese only)

Group Support Online Platform

A one-stop platform which shares a wide range of resources online to support frontline leaders in running Scout groups and sections smoothly.  The resources range from forms and templates of various documents commonly used by Scout groups, programme planning handbooks which offer ideas and tools for organizing activities for different sections to information of training courses and activities arranged by different units.

Group Support Online Platform (Chinese only)

Happy Family Campaign

Promoting community involvement to Scout members is one of our main duties. In order to promulgate the family core values such as “communication & harmony” and “love & care”, we have organized a wide range of activities with the theme of “Happy Family” for Scout members and their families over the years, so as to foster their mutual understanding and enhance family harmony.

Foundation Fund for the Aged

Set up in 1999, Foundation Fund for the Aged encourages Scout units to organize service to convey our concerns and support to the elderly, and to advocate the culture of inter-generation harmony. It also aims to achieve the purpose of the Scout Movement by nurturing our youth members through their involvement in the organization of and participation in the services. Applications for funding are considered on a quarterly basis. For more information of the application procedure, scope of subsidy and subsidy amount, please refer to the circular of Foundation Fund for the Aged.

Circular of Foundation Fund for the Aged

Community Involvement & Services

Started from 2017, we have launched various community services under the slogan “Scouts Serve the Community” to foster the spirit of helping others. The target groups between year 2017/2018 and 2019/2020 were the elderly, disabled and children from low-income families.

In collaboration with the government departments and other NGOs, DAR Branch also coordinates for Scout members to take part in various large-scale community involvement projects including the “Youth Ambassador Against Internet Piracy Scheme” of Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department, Cyber Security Campaign organized by Hong Kong Police Force, the annual Large-scale Anti-drug Event arranged by Narcotics Division of Security Bureau as well as the elderly services coordinated by Sik Sik Yuen.

First Aid Training

Recognized by Commissioner for Labour under the provision of Occupational Safety & Health Regulation (Chapter 509A) since 2011, our Association is one of the organizations recognized by HKSAR Government to offer First Aid Certificate Course.

DAR Branch offers diverse first aid courses for youth members and leaders including First Aid Certificate Course, Refresher Training for First Aid Certificate Course, AED Certificate Course, Scout Section First Aid Badge Training Course, etc.

First Aid Service

Established in 2000, our Scout First Aid Team enables around 100 members to put theory into practice and provide first aid service to not only the Scout activities but also the large-scale events organized by government departments and other NGOs.

Application for First Aid Service (Chinese only)

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