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Official Emblem

Official Emblem

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Emblem of the Association


The Emblem of the Association is in the form of an Arrowhead Badge, on which is superimposed the two Chinese characters "Hong Kong" and the English words "Hong Kong". A specimen of the emblem is shown below.

Emblem 1 Emblem 2


The Emblem of the Association must always be reproduced to strict specifications as follows:
The main motif and proportion of the emblem cannot be altered.
The colour of the emblem is purple. For printing, the colour specification of the purple is Pantone No 527 or colour chart 70C90M.
The emblem can be downloaded HERE.

Authorised Use

Section 3 of the Scout Association of Hong Kong Ordinance (Chapter 1005 of the Laws of Hong Kong) states that:

"No person other than the Association shall distribute or sell or expose for sale
(a) any badge, token or emblem specifically adopted by the Association for use by Scouts; or
(b) any badge, token or emblem containing the word 'Scout' or the characters 'Scout'."

If any unit wishes to sell or expose for sale of item (a) or (b) above in the form of souvenir, first day cover, T-shirt, etc, formal application together with a sample must be submitted to the Chief Commissioner through the Administration Branch of the Association for approval.
The Association has given its general authorisation to respective Commissioners in charge of all Branches, Regions, Units and Districts and Group Scout Leaders to approve the use of item (a) and (b) for internal, non-commercial and/or non-fund-raising purpose provided that these items are not to be worn on Scout uniform.

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