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Arrangements for Scout Activities and Opening of Campsites (Updated on 16/4)


With the epidemic situation becoming stabilized, the Association will effect the following arrangements:

  1. Adult members: Scout units concerned, having regard to their needs and situations, can resume face-to-face activities and trainings starting from 21 April;
  2. Youth members: Scout units concerned, having regard to their needs and situations, can resume face-to-face Group meetings, activities and trainings starting from 3 May;
  3. Campsite & Activity Centres and Wong Siu Sang Leadership Training Centre will resume their services starting from 21 April. Please refer to respective campsite announcements or contact camp staff concerned for details.

For the sake of health safety of Scout members, units are required to strictly follow the pandemic prevention measures and observe the followings:

  1. Requirements and/or guidelines of the Sponsor (e.g. school), venue provider or Government authorities concerned (e.g. Education Bureau) shall be adhered to.
  2. When organizing activities in public place, the arrangement of scout activities shall strictly adhere to the requirements stipulated under the Prevention & Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation including but not limited to maximum number of people allowed at a group gathering in public place, social distancing and restriction on meal arrangement, AND requirements of the activity venues concerned.
  3. Even if the activity venue is not under the ambit of Government regulations, suitable social distancing and prevention measures should be adopted.
  4. Assessments on pandemic situation, risks of COVID-19 spreading, precautionary measures, venue facilities and ratio of participants, etc shall be conducted in organizing activities.
  5. Scout activity shall as far as possible be a half-day event. If the activity has to be a full-day event, the activity in-charge shall make proper and suitable arrangements to avoid participants taking meals together.
  6. Participants shall be requested to complete the Health Declaration Form (Appendix 1 or 2) before commencement of the activity, and also to first check their own body temperatures and conduct COVID-19 rapid antigen test (RAT) before leaving home. Should there be changes after the declaration, participants concerned should report to the leaders as soon as possible.
  7. Those with symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, acute respiratory tract infection, or sudden loss of sense of taste or smell, , OR am undergoing mandatory quarantine OR tested positive under the RAT on the event day, should not attend the activity.
  8. The activity in-charge shall arrange to check the body temperatures of participants before they enter the activity venue.
  9. Participants shall take precautionary measures including but not limited to wearing masks and keeping hands clean.
  10. The activity in-charge has to reserve some contingent masks and provide hand hygiene products (e.g. liquid soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer) to meet ad-hoc needs.

The Association will keep reviewing the above arrangements on Scout activities. Updated arrangements will be announced through the website.


Appendix 1: Health Declaration (For Adult Member/Rover Scout/Venture Scout/ Other participants of age 18 or above) [April 2022 Version]

Appendix 2: Health Declaration (For Scout/Cub Scout/Grasshopper Scout/ Other participants of age below 18) [April 2022 Version]

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