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Commissioners' Club

Commissioners' Club

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(update on : 20 April 2022)

The Chinese restaurant of Commissioners' Club has resumed lunch and dinner dine-in services and daily opening hours is from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

For enquiries, please call 2730 8668 (Chinese restaurant) or 2957 6455(Club office).

Club office opening hours

Monday to Friday                       10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday                                       Closed

For the Club circular and other information, please click here (Chinese version only).For enquiry, please call 2730 8668 (Chinese restaurant) or 2957 6455 (Club office).

The Commissioners' Club aims at organizing activities for adult scout members and providing them with facilities and venues to cultivate friendship.

Executive Committee Open

Scout Association of Hong Kong - Commissioners' Club 2022-2024

Executive Committee
Chairman: CHEUNG Kai-wan Michael
Vice-Chairman: MOK Yuen-kin
Vice-Chairman: CHEUNG Chun-ping Chris
Honorary Secretary: WONG Lup-tack
Honorary Treasurer: MA Hok-yam Ernest
Member: CHAN Kam-chun
CHOY Lai-shan
LAM Kwok-wai
LAU Yik-ming Edmond
LEE Kam-wing Jimson
YEUNG Rigil Kent
Honorary Legal Advisor: Li Chiu-wah Joseph
Honorary Auditor: HO Wai-chi Paul
Sub-committees Open

To provide our valued members with quality club facilities and catering services, a number of sub-committees are established under the Commissioners' Club. The responsible person of these Sub-committees are listed as follows:

Club Management and Catering Service Sub-Committee: LEE Kam-wing Jimson
LAM Kwok-wai
Member Welfare and Activities Sub-Committee: CHOY Lai-shan
YEUNG Rigil Kent
Member Communication and Public Relations Sub-Committee: CHAN Kam-chun
LAU Yik-ming Edmond
Club Facilities Open

The Club is featured with Chinese Restaurant, Brownsea Lounge and Impeesa Bar to provide members with catering services and comfortable place for social gathering.

Chinese Restaurant is an elegant venue which serves delightful Cantonese cuisine with exquisite Dim-sum and dishes. Members were excited by serving of seasonal and festival food.

Chinese Restaurant

Brownsea Lounge surrounded by stunning greenery with breathtaking views of the Victoria Harbour is also a pleasant outdoor venue for social gathering.

Brownsea Lounge
Brownsea Lounge
Brownsea Lounge

Impeesa Bar is the place for chit-chatting and social gathering with fellow Scouts, friends and members.

Eligibility for Membership Open

Adult members of Scout Association of Hong Kong or the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association who satisfy the following conditions are eligible to join the Commissioners' Club:

Eligibility for Membership
Membership Category Eligibility
Full Member:
  1. Warranted Scout Leaders or Commissioners.
  2. Lay members of AHQ/Regional and President/Chairman/Honorary President of Scout District of Scout Association of Hong Kong.
  3. Assistant Scout Executive or above of Scout Association of Hong Kong.
  4. Wood Badge holders.
Associate Member:
  1. Provisional Leader Warrant holders.
  2. Lay members of Scout District (excluded President/Chairman/Honorary President) as recommended by respective District Commissioner.
  3. Honorary Members, Life Members and Ordinary Members of The Baden-Powell Scout Club of Hong Kong.
  4. Commissioners or Executive Staff of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association.
  5. Lay members of Group Council as recommended by respective Group Scout Leader.
  6. Full time employed staff of Scout Association of Hong Kong and its subsidiaries.
Invited Member: Instructors and Sub-Club Members of The Baden-Powell Scout Club of Hong Kong aged 18 or over.
Mid-week Member: Relatives and friends of Scout Members who support the Scout Movement as recommanded by Commissioner of Scout Association of Hong Kong not lower than the rank of Commissioner V and approved by the Executive Committee of the Commissioners' Club.
Life Member: Adult members of Scout Association of Hong Kong with special contribution to Scout Association of Hong Kong or the Club approved by the Executive Committee of the Commissioners' Club.
Honorary Member: A prominent community leader or a respectful adult member of Scout Association of Hong Kong approved by the Executive Committee of the Commissioners' Club.


Founder Members, Life Members, Honorary Members and Full Members may apply for Membership Supplementary Card and or Membership Visa Supplementary Credit Card for their spouse. (please provide documentary proof of relationship).

Fees Open
Membership Category Entry Fee Annual Fee
Full Member HK$1,000 Nil
Associate Member HK$1,000 Nil
Invited Member Nil HK$500
Mid-week Member HK$2,000 Nil
Life Member HK$50,000 Nil
Honorary Member not specified Nil

Remarks: The entry fee for a Full Member or Associate Member may be waived if he / she is a Wood Badge holder, or holds a valid warrant continuously for over 5 years, or has received an award conferred by Scout Association of Hong Kong or the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association.

Application Procedures Open

Forward the following documents to the Commissioners' Club office at Room 808, Hong Kong Scout Centre:

  1. Duly completed Membership Application Form (Original)
  2. Hong Kong Identity Card (Copy)
  3. Photo copy of valid appointment or Warrant issued by Scout Association of Hong Kong or the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association
  4. If applicable, certificate of the Award(s) or Wood Badge conferred by Scout Association of Hong Kong or the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association.(if any)
  5. Recommendation form made by respective District Commissioner or Group Scout Leader / Scouter-in-charge (only for lay members of Scout District or Scout Council to apply as Associate Member) .

For the Membership Visa Credit Card or Membership Visa Supplementary Credit Card, please apply at the website of CMB Wing Lung Bank (

Exclusive for Members Open

You are most welcome to join the Commissioners' Club as a valuable member

Exclusive for Members

  1. Life exemption of annual fee for Commissioners' Club Visa Card holders(exclude Invited Member);
  2. Enjoy the delicious food and beverages at Kum Tao Heen, a Chinese Restaurant (no 10% service charge) and make reservation of VIP room;
  3. Enjoy the wine with a couple of friends in the Impeesa Bar;
  4. Enjoy 20% discount of birthday offer;
  5. Enjoy 50% discount of hourly parking at Hong Kong Scout Centre (exclude Invited Member);
  6. 10% discount at the BP International "Cafe by the Park" & "Flamingo Lounge" is offered to the Club member upon the presentation of membership card / member credit card before the bill is settled. Reservation: 2378 7673 (BP International reserves the right to adjust the premium package)
  7. Club members can enjoy a special rate offered to scouts for reservation of single/double bedrooms of BP International;
  8. Join the activities organized by the Club;
  9. Enjoy privilege offered by designated shops;
  10. Receive Club magazine regularly.
Download Area Open
Notes to Completion of the Membership Application Form: PDF Version
Membership Application Form: PDF Version
Invited Member Application Form: PDF Version
Nomination for Mid-week Member: PDF Version
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