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Association Headquarters

Programme Branch

  1. To coordinate, formulate, evaluate and implement the policies of sectional programmes.
  2. To review each sectional training scheme and handbook.
  3. To plan, develop and promote Scouting activities contributing to the development of young people in achieving our Association's aim.
  4. To represent the Association to liaise with other youth or social service organizations.

Opening Hours

Monday: 10:00am to 6:30pm
Tuesday to Friday: 9:30am to 6:30pm
Wednesday: Service will be extended to 21:30
Saturday: 9:30am to 6pm
(Lunch Hour: 1:00pm to 2:00pm)
Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed

Contact Information

Rm907, 9/F, Hong Kong Scout Centre, Scout Path, Austin Road, Kowloon
Telephone No:
(852) 2957 6411
Fax No:
(852) 3011 3183

Air Activities

In September 1992, Scout Association of Hong Kong established the Air Activities Unit in a bid to promote air activities for members and advise on air activities’ policies. The Unit relaunched an updated instructor system in 2016 to better match our air activities with Sections’ respective training needs. Under the new system, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Air Activity Badge Instructors and Aircrew Badge Instructors were introduced for the Scout Section and Venture Scout Section respectively to assist with their training activities.Our Unit is responsible for organising training courses and examinations for the Air Activity and Aircrew Badges, as well as other air activities such as air camps and field visits.

Sea Activities

Sea Activities Board was established in July 1976. The main purpose of the board is to establish training policies, guidelines and to promote sea activities to all scout members.

In early stage, only Pulling Boat (now called Scout Standard Boat), sailing and canoe were provided to our scout members. Following the development of sea activity in Scouting, we now provide all popular sea activities to our members:

  1. Scout Standard Boat
  2. Canoe
  3. Sailing
  4. Windsurfing
  5. Canoe Polo
  6. Dragon Boat
  7. Rowing
  8. Diving
  9. Life Saving

While providing training courses for youth member are our main theme in future, the board aim to offer more sea activities to leaders, such as Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate of Competency and Sea Map Reading Course etc.

Ceremonial and Footdrill

Footdrill training is aiming to foster and promote a high standard of discipline, self-confidence, agile response, endurance and team spirit among scout members. Learning the ceremonies in the Scout Movement is also important for scout members and leaders. It does not only allow them to put in practice "to do my duty to my Country" and "A Scout has self-respect and respect for others" as written in the Scout Promise and Laws, but to promote their civic awareness at the same time.

Members of Ceremonial and Footdrill Team teach scout members skills in ceremonial and footdrill through training courses in different levels; and scout members will have a chance to show in the Annual Footdrill Competition all the skills and achievements they obtained from the trainings. Moreover, members of Ceremonial and Footdrill Team are taking a leading role in the ceremonies for scout members and leaders at the Hong Kong Scout Rally held every year, showing to the public that scouts are dignified in appearance as well as energetic.

Scout Orienteering Club

Scout Orienteering Club (SOC) organizes several events (including Competitions, Activities and Training) every year for Scout members, parents, and the public to participate.

SOC also sends staff and coaches to assist in different Scout District and Region to organize various types of Training and Activities to promote Orienteering in Scout field.

Interested parties may contact us by sending email to for more details.

Scout Orienteering Club


Hiking helps youngsters and youths to build up character, independence, leadership,endurance and fitness. Hitherto, hiking is one of the effective means to foster and promote the standards of Scouting.

Fire Fighting Education

Fire Fighting education has been implemented in each Scout Section, e.g. firemen badge in Scout section and Fire Fighting Course for Venture Scout and Rover Scout sections, for a long time. Aim at providing basic fire prevention and safety knowledge to our Scout members in order to enhance themselves the importance of fire safety.

We are the first uniformed group implementing the "Fire Safety Ambassadors Scheme", which was invited by Fire Services Department in 1996.

Environmental Protection

With the World Scout Environment Programme, we aim to arouse awareness in the importance of our nature, and encourage the commitment amongst Scout members in participating environmental protection and conservation works.

The Scout Farm, which is situated in Fanling (next to Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College), serves as a training base for all Scout members to experience and enjoy farming. If interested in the cultivation activities in Scout Farm, please contact Programme Branch for details.

Scout Farm

The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP), formerly known as The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, established in 1961, is a member of The International Award Association. The AYP, with its unique international principles, cultivates youngsters with perseverance and the spirit of self-challenge.

Scout Association of Hong Kong is one of the licensed Operating Authorities, which help carrying out the Award Programme according to the Programme's objectives and the conditions of the Award. For any interests, please contact your regional office directly.


AYP Handbook

The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP)

Astronomy Team

Astronomy Team aims at enriching the astronomical knowledge of youth members by offering more opportunities for them to take part in astronomy activities and enjoy the night sky. The Team promotes astronomy for the Scout Association of Hong Kong.

Astronomy Team

Meteorology Team

Weather is critical to scout outdoor activities. Meteorology Team (METeam) devotes to promote scout meteorology education and launch different training courses as well as setting up automatic weather stations in the scout centres, in order to enhance the practical meteorological knowledge of the scouts.

Meteorology Team

Scout Association of Hong Kong Amateur Radio Club

To promote the Radio Amateur activities in our movement and organizes Ham activities and trainings for youth members and leaders. To assist our members to obtain amateur radio licenses.

Scout Association of Hong Kong Amateur Radio Club

The Scout Target Shooting Club

The Scout Target Shooting Club has been established over 3 decades, we aim to promote professional shooting sports and offer shooting trainings to all the members of the Association. Through systematic practices, Scouts can attain higher degree of self-discipline as well as strengthen the ability to focus and concentrate in a sustainable way.

The Scout Target Shooting Club

Scout Archery Club

To coordinate with all Regions Archery Teams and to promote and develop archery activities in the Movement.

Scout Athletic Club

Scout Athletic Club, established in 2012, strives to promote and support its members in the participation of track and field sports. Through encouraging members to take part in the sports, the Association enhances the communication and networking among members and fosters their interests in various track and field activities. The Association also provides systematic and professional training to members who are inspired to develop and contribute to the track and field sports.

Scout Athletic Club

For the purpose of helping youth members to have various qualified scout trainings and assessment, Programme Branch has appointed different types of Instructor/Assessor. The Lists of Instructor/Assessor are uploaded for easy search by all units who are interested to arrange any trainings or assessment for their groups. Please contact their affiliated unit/department for further details.(Note: The appointment of Instructor/Assessor will become ineffective if the certain leader no longer possesses a valid Leader Warrant/Certificate of Appointment.)

With the aim to encourage our youth members and young leaders to broaden their horizons through the participation of overseas and mainland activities, the OMASS was established. Through the activities, they are encouraged to have self-learning and reflection, so as to be independent, helpful, responsible and engaged people.

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