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Grasshopper Scouts

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  1. When Scout units choose a type of Youth Uniform/Clothing for an event, it must take account of safety considerations arising from weather conditions, the nature of the event, and the site at which the event is to be held, etc.
  2. Scout units should notify the participating members before the event of the required Uniform/Clothing.
  3. Youth Members should follow instructions and wear proper Uniform/Clothing and also correctly wear all compliant Clothing Items, Insignia, Badges, Decorations and Awards.
  4. Scout unit Leaders should ensure that when Youth Members are participating in activities in cold weather (including sectional unit meetings and uniform inspections), they are wearing sufficient warm clothing.

Grasshopper Scout Clothing

So that Grasshopper Scouts will look forward to the time when they can officially wear Scout uniform, the Grasshopper Scout Clothing only requires a scarf and a simple, neat costume for Ring meetings.

Basic Dress, Clothing Items and Badges

Grasshopper Scout Male Uniform Grasshopper Scout Female Uniform
Grasshopper Scout Uniform
  Headgear (optional) Single-coloured, wide-brimmed fisherman’s hat or peak cap (baseball cap).
  Shirt Orange Grasshopper Scout Activity T-shirt; or
Single-coloured, collared/round-necked, short/long-sleeved shirt.
  Shorts/Trousers Single-coloured shorts or trousers.
  Scarf Invested Grasshopper Scouts wear Group scarves. If collared shirts are worn, the scarf should be worn over the collar.
  Woggle Coloured Woggle.
  Vest/Jacket (optional) A simple-styled vest or jacket with the Grasshopper Scout Badge on the left chest.
  Hosiery Single-coloured socks or knee-high socks.
  Shoes Sports shoes.
  Required badges and placement
  • Grasshopper Scout Badge on the left chest.
  • Stage Badges are worn at the centre of the left sleeve of short-sleeved shirt above the stitch or in the same position on long-sleeved shirt.
  Optional badges and placement
  • Group Badge is worn at the centre of the right sleeve 2 cm below the shoulder seam and District Badge is worn 2 cm below Group Badge.
  • Distinguished Group Award is worn at the centre of the right sleeve of short-sleeved shirt above the stitch or in the same position on long-sleeved shirt.
  • Approved Souvenir Badge is worn at right upper breast of shirt.
  • If the school’s PE uniform shirt is worn and badges are not permitted, the Grasshopper Scout Badge may be sewn on the tip of the scarf and Stage Badges may, corresponding to their placement on the left sleeve, be sewn on the left and right tails of the scarf.
  • Other than the badges listed above, no other badges shall be worn.
  • Other than Coloured Woggles, Grasshopper Scouts shall not wear any other Scout Sections’ Clothing Items (e.g. belt, headgear, etc.).
  • Before their investiture, Grasshopper Scouts may wear a complete Grasshopper Scout clothing without the Grasshopper Scout Badge and Group scarf. Buttoning up the shirt’s collar is not necessary.
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