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Scout Activities Arrangements (Updated on 10/09/2020)


With the pandemic situation has become increasingly stabilized and pursuant to the announcement of Education Bureau that classes for upper kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools and special schools are to resume in phases starting from 23 September 2020, the Association has decided to resume scout activities in phases, including Scout Group meetings, activities and training, etc. as follows:


Date of Resumption

Adult Members

16 September 2020

Grasshopper Scout, Cub Scout, Scout, Venture Scout and Rover Scout Sections

10 October 2020

Scout units (including Groups, Districts, Regions and Association Headquarters), having regard to their own situations and with strict observation of the following, can resume scout activities in accordance with the aforesaid dates:

  1. Arrangement of scout activities shall strictly adhere to the requirements stipulated under the Prevention & Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation including but not limited to maximum number of people allowed at a group gathering in public place, social distancing and restriction on meal arrangement, AND requirements of the activity venues concerned.
  1. Scout activity shall as far as possible be a half-day event. If the activity has to be a full-day event, the activity in-charge shall make proper and suitable arrangements to avoid participants taking meals together.
  1. Participants shall be requested to first check their own body temperatures before leaving home for the activity. Those with fever or respiratory symptoms should not go for the activity and are urged to seek medical advice as soon as possible. The activity in-charge shall also arrange to check the body temperatures of participants before they enter the activity venue. Those with the said symptoms should not be allowed to attend the activity.
  1. Participants shall take precautionary measures including but not limited to wearing masks and keeping hands clean.
  1. The activity in-charge has to reserve some contingent masks and provide hand hygiene products (e.g. liquid soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer) to meet ad-hoc needs.

Please be reminded that the Association will keep reviewing the above arrangements on scout activities in response to the latest development of COVID-19 and make timely announcements through the website.

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