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The Gilwell Campsite is situated at an elevation of 430m on Lot 154, DD195, Fei Ngo Shan. It is set in a quiet and natural environment with a beautiful landscape, plenty of trees and shrubs and an abundance of clean and fresh air. It is an ideal place for camping activities.
Private cars and 24-seat coaches can reach the Campsite. For vehicles weighing 5.5 tons and above, a prohibited zone permit should be obtained from Transport Department for travelling along Fei Ngo Shan Road. Campers can take the following bus routes and arrive at the campsite after a pleasant stroll:

KMB Bus From To Remarks
91 Ngau Chi Wan Village
(Choi Hung MTR Station - Exit C2)
Anderson Road

(near Mobil Petrol Station)

Walk along Clear Water Bay Road and turn to Fei Ngo Shan Road at the intersection for a 45-minute walk to the campsite.
*Available on Sundays and Public Holidays only


No catering service is provided at the Campsite.

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