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 Camp Sites and Activity Centres

Gilwell Campsite

Gilwell Campsite

Table of facilities
Facilities Quantity No. of Participants Remark
Camping Site 16 240 Each site can accommodate 10 - 15 campers
Golden Jubilee Lodge 1 40 With whiteboard, tables and chairs
LNT House 1 40 With tables and chairs
Activity Square 1 100 For group activities and scout pioneering
Parade Ground 1 240 For ceremony and assembly
Barbecue Area 1 Around 70 With 7 barbecue stoves, 8-10 people for each stove
No tables or chairs provided.
Campfire Circle 1 80 For campfire
Orienteering Trim Course 1 --- Orienteering Trim Course is available
Bath Room 2 8 Hot water is available from 20:00 - 00:00
Toilet 3 13 Toilets for men and women are available

Note: Barbecue Area and Orienteering Trim Course are available for campers free of charge; application for the use of these facilities has to be made when the Camp Application Form is submitted.

Note: If this English version does not conform to the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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