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 Camp Sites and Activity Centres

Shatin Scout Centre

Shatin Scout Centre

(1) Shatin Scout Centre has been granted $24,680 from Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation (Main Fund) to fund the purchasing of recreation equipment (included Tent 20pcs, Pole 40pairs, Sleeping Mat 50pcs) for the year of 2023-24.

(2) Camp fee adjustment

Camp fee will be adjusted since 1/4/2017. For more detail, please refer to the form of camp fee.

(3) Special offer on camp fee

From 01/04/2014, schools can get the Scout unit's camp fee offer when applying day camp and evening camp at non-peak day

Thirteen youth uniform organizations in Hong Kong (including Flag-guards, Adventure Corps, Air Cadet Corps, Girl Guides, Red Cross, Sea Cadet Corps, St. John Ambulance, Boys' Brigade, Girls' Brigade, Road Safety, Patrol, JPC, CAS and AMS) can get Scout unit camp fee offer.

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