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 Camp Sites and Activity Centres

Tai Tam Scout Centre

Tai Tam Scout Centre

Table of facilities
Site Facilities Quantity Capacity (persons) Remark
Family Rooms (4-person) 2 8 Air-conditioning, toilet, bathroom, water heater, bed sheets and blankets in all rooms.
Dormitories (8-person) 10 80 Air-conditioning, bed sheets and blankets in all rooms.
Outdoor Camping Area 1 80 The Centre provides camping tents rental services.
Assembly Hall 1 80 Long benches, chairs and whiteboard.
Lecture Room 1 80 Long benches, chairs, whiteboard, projectors (charge) and sound system are provided.
Activity Room 2 15 Chairs and whiteboard.
Canteen 1 150 It can be used as activity area outside meal hours.

The center suspended the accommodation service from March 1, 2023 (Wednesday), until further notice.

The Centre has barbecue area, campfire area, pioneering equipments, giant foot, chess, volleyball, basketball and badminton for campers to use for free. Further, the Centre can make arrangement for instructor to supervise campers in using sea activity facilities (for example, canoe). Please refer to the Centre's Activities / Programme Charges List for details of charges.

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