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International Events


Support Services



The International Branch is the external affairs department of the Association responsible for communication with other National Scout Organizations around the world. It links local members with overseas Scouts. The Branch arranges visits between local and other youth organizations abroad, coordinates the participation of national and international events, enrolls members to take part in international jamborees, seminars and conferences.

Main duties

  1. International Events
    The Branch is to organize international events, for example the annual Jamboree-On-The-Air cum Jamboree-On-The-Internet. It is also responsible to coordinate the enrolment of overseas jamborees, conferences and seminars to promote international interflow in Scouting.
  2. Hospitality
    The branch is responsible for the hospitality of the visits of Scouts from other parts of the World. The current situation of the Association is introduced to enhance the understanding of the visiting Scouts.
  3. Support Services
    Transferring and introducing service is provided for our Scout members who are going to emigrate abroad, travel overseas or to visit Scout units abroad. The Branch is to formulate guidelines and procedures.

Contact information

Address Rm1017, 10/F, Hong Kong Scout Centre, Scout Path, Austin Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Contact Tel: (852) 2957 6400         Fax: (852) 2302 1001
E-mail il@scout.org.hk

International Events

Jamboree-On-The-Air cum Jamboree-On-The-Internet

The Jamboree-On-The-Air cum Jamboree-On-The-Internet is an annual worldwide event held simultaneously by all Scout Organizations of the World on the third Saturday and Sunday of October every year. It provides an excellent opportunity for Scouts in various countries to communicate with each other through the internet and amateur radio. Exhibition and games are also arranged for the festival.


Overseas Jamborees, Conferences and Seminars

International jamborees, conferences and seminars organized by Scout Organizations around the World provide opportunities for the members to share their Scouting experience with each other. Circulars are published monthly to all Scout groups to introduce the activities in details. The branch is also responsible for the preparation of the contingents of Scout Association of Hong Kong.

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Scouts worldwide

To promote the fraternity with our national and international counterparts and Scout units from other parts of the World are welcome to visit the Hong Kong Scout Centre at Scout Path, Austin Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Interested parties may contact the Branch directly for the arrangement.


Scout units which intend to receive overseas units should complete Form "Application for Reception to Overseas Unit" (IL/5C) and submit it to International Branch. Prior consent from International Branch is required.


For guidelines of overseas contact, please refer to the Policy Circular No. 23/2018.

Support Services

Handling application for overseas visit / activity

Scout members who want to organize or arrange overseas visits or activities should apply for approval from International Commissioner.  Application by unit should complete Form "Unit Application for Overseas Visit / Activity" (IL/5A) while individual / overseas expedition application should complete Form "Individual Application for Overseas Visit / Activity" (IL/5B).  The completed form, with endorsement of the Group Scout Leader, District Commissioner or Assistant Chief Commissioner concerned and supporting documents, should reach International Branch at least 1 month in advance from the date of departure.  Detailed application procedure can be found on the Guidance Notes on the forms.


Please be reminded that under no circumstances should any member or members traveling overseas hold himself/themselves out as the Contingent of Scout Association of Hong Kong without prior authorization from the Association Headquarters.


For guidelines of overseas contact, please refer to the Policy Circular No. 23/2018.

Issuing the International Letter of Introduction

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Scout members who are going to travel abroad not as member of any delegation may apply the International Letter of Introduction to identify themselves to fellow Scouts in countries they are visiting. Interested parties should fill in Form (IL/2) and submit it to the International Branch at least 1 month before departure.

Assisting in transferring abroad

Youth Scout members who relocate with their families or emigrating abroad may submit the Transfer Form (IL/6) through their scout leaders to the International Branch for the arrangement of joining a suitable group in their new countries.


Guidelines Circular or other relevant information
Communications with Overseas Scout Organizations Policy Circular No. 02/2018
Policy on Holding Overseas Visit / Activity and Receiving Overseas Unit Policy Circular No. 23/2018

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