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Table of circulars
Date Subject Deadline Related Section Unit/Region Category
15/08/2021 Go Hiking x Clean Trails(P58/2021) -- Cub Scout,Scout,Venture Scout,Rover Scout,All Adult Member Programme Branch Activities/Trainings
15/08/2021 Promotion of National/Regional Flag Etiquettes and the Flag-raising Ceremony(P62/2021) -- All Member Programme Branch Standing Circular
15/08/2021 Grasshopper Scout Pilot Scheme(P60/2021) -- All Member,Public Programme Branch Standing Circular
15/05/2021 Sectional Progressive Awards Arrangements under the Epidemic(P34/2021) -- All Youth Member,Leader Programme Branch Standing Circular
15/12/2018 New Design of Venture Scout Epaulettes and Rover Scout Epaulettes(P142/2018) -- Venture Scout,Rover Scout,Leader Programme Branch Standing Circular
15/10/2017 Cub Scouts Jungle Book Commemorative Badge Set(P105/2017) -- All Member,Public Programme Branch Activities/Trainings
15/10/2017 Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions / Activities (OEA)(P111/2017) -- Scout,Venture Scout,Rover Scout,Leader Programme Branch Standing Circular
15/01/2015 Implementation of New Golden Bauhinia Award Syllabus and Transitional Arrangements -- Cub Scout,Leader Programme Branch Standing Circular
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