Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 6General
Rule 6.8 The Scout Sign, Salute and Hand Shake

Rule 6.8.1 The Scout Sign, as shown left, is made during the making or reaffirming of the Scout Promise, Cub Scout Promise and Grasshopper Scout Promise, and also as a sign of greetings when not in uniform.
Rule 6.8.2 The Scout Salute, as shown left, is made by Members of the Association in uniform.
(a) as a greeting to another uniformed member irrespective of rank.
(b) as a mark of respect in formal occasion including at the hoisting of National Flags, at the playing of National Anthems, to uncased colours, Scout Flags and in funerals.
Rule 6.8.3 Notwithstanding 6.8.2, on all parades and at the hoisting of National Flags or Scout Flags, the leader in charge shall call his party to the alert when only the leaders salute.
Rule 6.8.4 A Scout shakes hands with another Scout with the left hand unless prohibited by religious or cultural reasons.
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Last revision: JAN 2018