Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 5The Association Headquarters
Rule 5.17 The Executive Committee

Rule 5.17.1 Between Meetings of the Council of the Association, the authorities and responsibilities of the Council of the Association in respect of major policy decisions, co-ordination with the Chief Commissioner on the control of funds and resources, and financial support to the Association shall be vested with the Executive Committee which shall meet at least once every three months.
Rule 5.17.2 The Executive Committee consists of the following Members:
(a) Ex officio Members
    (i) The Chief Commissioner
    (ii) The Chairman and Deputy Chairmen
    (iii) Deputy Chief Commissioners and Assistant Chief Commissioner
    (iv) The Secretary
    (v) The Treasurer
    (vi) The Chairman of the Finance Committee
    (vii) The Chief Scout Executive
(b) Elected Members
Not more than fifteen Members to be elected annually by the Council from among its Members.
(c) Observers
The Executive Committee may invite other members of the Association and/or representatives from other organisations, bodies and/or the Government to observe its Meeting.
Rule 5.17.3 The first Executive Committee Meeting held after each Annual General Meeting of the Council of the Association shall be delegated with the authority to adopt the minutes of the Annual General Meeting.
Rule 5.17.4 The quorum for each Meeting of the Executive Committee shall be seven Members personally present.
Rule 5.17.5 At any Meeting of the Executive Committee, each Member personally present shall have one vote. In the case of equality of votes, the Chairman does not have a casting vote and the motion is deemed defeated.
Rule 5.17.6 In the interval between meetings of the Council, any vacancy among the Elected Members may be filled by co-option by the Executive Committee until the next Annual General Meeting.
Rule 5.17.7 The Executive Committee may call upon Members of the Association to attend its Meetings.
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