Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 5The Association Headquarters
Rule 5.16 General Meeting of the Scout Council

Rule 5.16.1 Under the Chairmanship of the President or in his absence, his designated Deputy, the Council of the Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting in July or so soon as possible thereafter each year to:
(a) receive the Annual Report of the Association and the audited financial statement;
(b) elect and co-opt Officers and Council Members for the ensuing term;
(c) appoint Members of the Executive Committee as defined in 5.17.2;
(d) ratify the budget of the Association for the current year as approved by the Executive Committee;
(e) appoint an Auditor; and
(f) transact any other business admitted by the Chairman of the Meeting or by not less than one quarter of the Members present at the Meeting as provided by Article VI 3 (a) of Constitution.
Rule 5.16.2 Except in the case of Article XI of Constitution, the Secretary shall give not less than fourteen days' notice of a General Meeting of the Council to its Members provided that failure on the part of any Member to receive such notice shall not invalidate the business of the Meeting.
Rule 5.16.3 At any Meeting of the Council of the Association, fifteen Members of the Council personally present shall form a quorum.
Rule 5.16.4 Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the President or the Chief Commissioner or the Chairman of the Executive Committee, or within three months following a request made in writing by not less than eight Members of the Council.
Rule 5.16.5 At any Meeting of the Council each Member of the Council personally present shall have one vote. In the case of equality of votes, the Chairman does not have a casting vote and the motion is deemed defeated.
Rule 5.16.6 The business to be transacted at Extraordinary General Meeting of the Council shall be restricted to the business stipulated in the notice of the Meeting.
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