Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 4 The Scout Region
Rule 4.8 The Regional Staff Meeting
The Regional Staff Meeting is chaired by the Regional Commissioner and is held as frequently as necessary and at least once every three months. Its purpose is to:
(a) review the progress, standards and effectiveness of the training and youth programme in the Region;
(b) plan and coordinate the programme, training and development activities for Leaders and Youth Members in the Scout Region;
(c) plan and coordinate Regional events and youth programmes deemed necessary to supplement District and Group programmes;
(d) plan, coordinate and support events organised by the Association, other Scout Regions, and the Districts within the Region;
(e) project financial requirements and monitor and control spending in the Region;
(f) assist the Regional Commissioner in the effective running of the Region.
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Last revision: JAN 2018