Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 3 The Scout District
Rule 3.7 Responsibilities of District Lay Members
Rule 3.7.1 The District President, District Honorary Presidents and District Vice-Presidents
(a) The District President is appointed to encourage the development of Scouting in the District and to ensure that it can meet its financial requirements. This is an honorary appointment and the appointee does not carry administrative duties in the Scout District.
(b) District Honorary Presidents and District Vice-Presidents are appointed to assist the District President to carry out his duties.
(c) In the absence of the District President, a District Vice President may act on his behalf.
Rule 3.7.2 The District Chairman and District Vice-Chairmen
(a) The District Chairman is appointed to:
    (i) chair the District Executive Committee;
    (ii) sit in the Regional Scout Council as an Ex officio Member;
    (iii) work closely with the District Commissioner to encourage the well-being and progress of Scouting in the District;
    (iv) maintain contact with Group Chairmen and Representatives of Group Sponsors in the District; and
    (v) sit in District sub-committees and ad-hoc groups as an Ex officio Member.
(b) In the absence of the District President and Vice President, the District Chairman may act as the Chairman of the District Council.
(c) District Vice Chairmen are appointed to assist the District Chairman to carry out his duties.
Rule 3.7.3 The District Secretary
The District Secretary is appointed to:
(a) act as Secretary of the District Scout Council and the District Executive Committee;
(b) co-ordinate the work of District sub-committees and ad-hoc groups;
(c) distribute to all Groups and others concerned information and instructions from the Association Headquarters, the Region and the District.
Rule 3.7.4 The District Treasurer
The District Treasurer is appointed to:
(a) advise the District Scout Council and the District Executive Committee on all financial matters;
(b) prepare, in consultation with the District Commissioner, an annual budget for approval by the District Scout Council at its Annual General Meeting;
(c) table at each District Executive Committee meeting and the Annual General Meeting of the District Scout Council a statement of accounts showing accurately the latest financial position of the District;
(d) receive all monies on behalf of the District and keep accounts of all funds;
(e) pay out expenditures as authorized by the District;
(f) open such bank account(s) as may be necessary in the name of the District;
(g) ensure that funds allotted or donated to the District are properly accounted for;
(h) work closely with the Region, the District and the Groups in the District in all matters related to fund raising;
(i) supervise the administration of District property and equipment and ensure that proper inventories are maintained and proper insurance arranged.
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