Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 2 The Scout Group
Rule 2.12 Accidents and Insurance
Rule 2.12.1 Accidents
(a) If any person, whether a Member of the Association or not, suffers personal injury (where injury necessitates treatment by a doctor, dentist or at hospital) or dies in the course of, or arising out of, a Scout activity or while on, or in connection with, any Scout property; or in an accident during a Scout activity results in damage to third party property, both the District commissioner and the Regional Commissioner shall be informed immediately.
(b) On receipt of this information, the Regional Commissioner shall inform the Association Headquarters immediately. The District Commissioner will in consultation with the Regional Commissioner issue the necessary instructions and forms in respect of possible insurance claims.
(c) In the event of an injury or fatality, or damage to third party property, no admission of liability shall be made and advice from the Association Headquarters shall be sought.
(d) The above provisions shall be read in conjunction with the guidelines and instructions of the Association in connection with insurance coverage made available by the Association.
Rule 2.12.2 Insurance Cover
(a) The Association has annual insurance policies, including but not limited to the following risks:
    (i) Property All Risks;
    (ii) Public Liability;
    (iii) Group Personal Accident; and
    (iv) Directors' and Officers' Liability.
Each Scout Group should consider whether the Association's insurance cover is adequate and obtain additional cover whenever necessary.
(b) Every Group shall comply with all rules, guidelines and instructions governing activities and safety precautions laid down by the Association from time to time to ensure that insurance cover provided by the Association remains effective.
(c) Every Group shall maintain valid registration with the Association so as to ensure that their Members are included in insurance cover provided by the Association.
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Last revision: JAN 2018