Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 2 The Scout Group
Rule 2.1 The Scout Group
Rule 2.1.1 Types of Scout Group
A Scout Group (also refers to as a Group) is the basic unit through which a Youth Member may join the Association. It can be either:
(a) Non-Sponsored Scout Group, i.e., not related to any other organisation, or
(b) Sponsored Scout Group, i.e., sponsored by an organisation approved for this purpose by the Association, such as, but not limited to, those listed below and having a policy of recruitment defined in the agreement between the Sponsor and the Association:
    (i) educational institutions;
    (ii) youth or community centres;
    (iii) religious bodies;
    (iv) industrial or commercial corporations;
    (v) resident's and community associations;
    (vi) hospitals and institutions;
    (vii) government departments or agencies;
    (viii) Non-Governmental Organisations; and
    (ix) subsidiaries of the Association.
(c) All Scout Groups, with or without a Sponsor, are required to follow the rules and regulations as set out in this POR. A Sponsored Scout Group must also abide by the rules and regulations for the Sponsored Scout Group as stated in 2.1.2.
(d) Recruitment policy of a Group may be restrictive or open to all.

Rule 2.1.2 The Sponsored Scout Group
As a Sponsored Scout Group has a sponsoring organisation ("the Sponsor"), the relationship between the Association and the Sponsor shall be clearly understood and defined in an agreement with the Association.
(a) The Sponsor shall with the agreement of the Association appoint a person to act as its Representative.
(b) Responsibilities of the Sponsor
The Sponsor shall satisfy the Association that it will:
    (i) accept the policy of the Association as defined in this POR, including the minimum standards for Scout Groups and for Sectional Units within the Group as defined in 2.3;
    (ii) encourage the development of Scouting within the Group and assist the Group Scout Leader in the carrying out of his duties;
    (iii) prepare an agreement with regard to property and equipment to be adhered to by the Sponsor and the Group and to be recorded annually by the District Commissioner. The Group Scout Leader/Scouter-in-charge concerned shall report any changes thereof annually to the District Commissioner for recording purposes;
    (iv) provide suitable accommodation for the Group Headquarters and venue for Group meetings;
    (v) maintain continuity of the Group;
    (vi) recommend Scouters for appointment subject to 2.5;
    (vii) provide financial support or ensure that the Group is able to acquire funds to support its training and programme;
    (viii) in the case of a religious body, support the Group Scouters in their responsibilities for spiritual development of the Youth Members who belong to the religious body.
(c) Rights of the Sponsor
The Representative of the Sponsor may sit in the Group Council. The District Commissioner shall take all reasonable steps to consult the Representative before making decisions on matters affecting the Group, particularly:
    (i) Group registration (2.2.2);
    (ii) the suspension and closure of Sectional Unit(s) within the Group;
    (iii) the amalgamation of the Group with another Group (2.1.4);
    (iv) appeal by a Youth Member against dismissal (2.4.3 and 2.4.4);
    (v) matters concerning the appointment of Scouters and Instructors in the Group, if the Sponsorship Agreement so specifies (2.1.3 and 2.5); and
    (vi) the suspension or termination of a Scouter's appointment, unless, in the opinion of the District Commissioner, such is a matter of great urgency that there is insufficient time for prior consultation.

Rule 2.1.3 Agreement with the Sponsor
(a) When the application for registration of a Group is approved by the Association, the District Commissioner shall prepare a formal agreement between the Association and the Sponsor which specifies the responsibilities and rights of the Sponsor and the Association, and signed by both parties before the registration of a Sponsored Scout Group.
(b) Where the Sponsor and the Association have agreed on a policy of restricted recruitment for the Group, such restriction shall be defined in the agreement.
(c) The agreement shall be subject to review and revision as may be necessary five years from the date thereof, or at such earlier date as may be agreed between the parties, or when there is a change of Group Scout Leader or other significant changes in the management or personnel of the Sponsor.

Rule 2.1.4 Amalgamation of Sponsored Scout Groups
The amalgamation of a Sponsored Scout Group with another Scout Group may take place with the full consent of the Sponsor(s) and the Association.
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