Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Policy, Organisation and Rules
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Rule 1 - Policy, Aim, Mission, Motto, Method and Membership
Rule 1.1Aim, Mission, Motto and Method
Rule 1.2Promise and Law
Rule 1.3Membership
Rule 2 - The Scout Group
Rule 2.1 The Scout Group
Rule 2.2 Group Registration
Rule 2.3 Group Composition and Organisation
Rule 2.4 Youth Members
Rule 2.5 Appointment of Leaders and Instructors in the Scout Group
Rule 2.6 Qualifications and Responsibilities of Leaders and Instructors in a Scout Group
Rule 2.7 Appointment of Lay Members in the Scout Group
Rule 2.8 Responsibilities of Group Lay Members
Rule 2.9 The Group Scouters' Meeting
Rule 2.10 The Group Council
Rule 2.11 Group Finance
Rule 2.12 Accidents and Insurance
Rule 2.13 Disputes within the Scout Group
Rule 3 - The Scout District
Rule 3.1 The Scout District
Rule 3.2 District Establishment
Rule 3.3 District Composition and Organisation
Rule 3.4 Appointment of Commissioners and Scouters in the Scout District
Rule 3.5 Qualifications and Responsibilities of District Commissioners and Scouters
Rule 3.6 Appointment of Lay Members in the Scout District
Rule 3.7 Responsibilities of District Lay Members
Rule 3.8 The District Staff Meeting
Rule 3.9 The District Scout Council and District Executive Committee
Rule 3.10 District Finance
Rule 3.11 Accidents and Insurance
Rule 3.12 Disputes within the Scout District
Rule 4 - The Scout Region
Rule 4.1 The Scout Region
Rule 4.2 Regional Establishment
Rule 4.3 Regional Composition and Organisation
Rule 4.4 Appointment of Commissioners and Scouters in the Scout Region
Rule 4.5 Qualifications and Responsibilities of Regional Commissioners and Scouters
Rule 4.6 Appointment of Regional Lay Members
Rule 4.7 Responsibilities of Regional Lay Members
Rule 4.8 The Regional Staff Meeting
Rule 4.9 The Regional Scout Council and Regional Executive Committee
Rule 4.10 Regional Finance
Rule 4.11 Accidents and Insurance
Rule 4.12 Disputes within the Scout Region
Rule 5 - The Association Headquarters
Rule 5.1 The Chief Scout and Deputy Chief Scout
Rule 5.2 The Patron and Vice-Patrons
Rule 5.3 President, Honorary Presidents and Vice-Presidents
Rule 5.4 Chief Commissioner
Rule 5.5 Chairman, Deputy Chairmen, Secretary and Treasurer
Rule 5.6 Deputy Chief Commissioners and Assistant Chief Commissioners
Rule 5.7 Deputy Branch Commissioners, Assistant Branch Commissioners, Headquarters Commissioners, Assistant Headquarters Commissioners, Headquarters Scouters and Assistant Headquarters Scouters
Rule 5.8 Leader Trainers, Assistant Leader Trainers, Trainers and Specialist Trainers
Rule 5.9 Qualifications for Appointment of Commissioners, Trainers and Scouters of the Association Headquarters
Rule 5.10 Appointment of Commissioners and Scouters in the Association Headquarters
Rule 5.11 Appointment of Leader Trainers, Assistant Leader Trainers and Trainers
Rule 5.12 Chief Scout Executive and other Employees
Rule 5.13 The Chief Commissioner's Council
Rule 5.14 The Association Headquarters
Rule 5.15 The Council of the Association
Rule 5.16 General Meeting of the Scout Council
Rule 5.17 The Executive Committee
Rule 5.18 Finance Committee, Awards Committee and other Committees
Rule 5.19 Hong Kong Scout Foundation Management Committee
Rule 5.20 Advisory Committees, Boards and Panels
Rule 5.21 Subsidiaries of the Association
Rule 5.22 Associates of the Association
Rule 6 - General
Rule 6.1 Religious Policy
Rule 6.2 Political Activities
Rule 6.3 Expression of Opinions of the Association's Policy
Rule 6.4 Communication
Rule 6.5 Scout Ceremonies
Rule 6.6 Decorations and Awards
Rule 6.7 Scout Flags
Rule 6.8 The Scout Sign, Salute and Hand Shake
Rule 6.9 Mourning
Rule 6.10 Interpretation and Amendment
Rule 6.11 Construction of POR in both Languages
Last revision: JAN 2018