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15/08/2018 List of Leader Training Courses(October - December 2018)
15/07/2018 90th Cub Scout Advanced Course
15/06/2018 28th Commissioners' Intermediate Course
15/06/2018 Gilwell Reunion 2018
15/06/2018 List of Leader Training Courses, Skill Courses & Scoutcraft Accreditation Scheme Courses (July-September 2018)
15/06/2018 4th Scout Basic Course (II)
15/06/2018 1355th General Information Course
15/06/2018 1354th General Information Course
15/05/2018 19th Venture Scout Progressive Badges Course
15/05/2018 19th Scout Progressive Badges Course
15/05/2018 1st Administrator Basic Course (I)
15/05/2018 4th Grasshopper Scout cum 4th Cub Scout Basic Course (I)
15/04/2018 Arrangements for Wood Badge Holders' Participation in Wood Badge Training Courses
15/04/2018 Qualifications of the Staff Team of Leader Training Courses
15/04/2018 Leader Training Courses for Rover Scouts
01/04/2018 Calendar of Wood Badge Training Courses & Leader Skill Course 2018-2019
01/04/2018 Course List and Numbering System for Certificates of Wood Badge Courses, Leader Skill Courses, Trainers' Courses and other Leader Training Courses
01/04/2018 Revision of Wood Badge Training Scheme
15/03/2018 Calendar of Scoutcraft Accreditation Scheme Courses, Workshops & Examinations 2018-2019
15/01/2018 Training Management System
15/04/2017 Discount offer of Knotting and Pioneering books Fun with Ropes and Spars, Pioneering Projects, Pioneering Principles, Progressive Pioneering
15/10/2014 Skill Courses of Non-sectional Leaders Wood Badge Training Scheme
15/04/2014 Training Auxiliary
15/04/2014 Basic Qualifications for the Appointments of Training Team Members
15/05/2012 Eligibility of joining Campfire Leader Course, Pioneering Course and Expedition Course
15/12/2011 Insignia of Hong Kong Training Team
15/10/2011 Application for Endorsement as Recognized Training Course on Various Proficiency Levels of Approved Skill Programmes
15/07/2011 Scoutcraft Accreditation Scheme Syllabus
15/07/2009 Guidance Notes on Training Service Hours of Training Team Members
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