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New campsites
  • photoGilwell Campsite
    The 60s saw the further expansion of the Scout Movement in Hong Kong. A 200,000 square metres site at Fei Ngor Shan (Kowloon Peak) was given by the Government to Hong Kong Scouts as a permanent camp site --- Gilwell Campsite.

  • Ha Fa Shan Campsite
    Another site located at Tsuen Wan west was also given by the Government to develop a camp site named "Ha Fa Shan Campsite". The site was returned to the Government in December 1977 because of the unresolved problem in transportation and water source.

The establishment of Region

Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories were each made into an Area in 1958 with a number of Districts under them until 1967 when the 3 Areas were renamed Regions with certain Areas (which was subsequently abolished in 1973) under each of the 3 Regions.

International activities

  • 1st International Jamboree in Hong Kong
    Golden Jubilee of Hong Kong Scouting was celebrated by the Hong Kong Golden Jubilee Jamborette at Kowloon Tsai from 27 December 1961 to 2 January 1962 with the theme "One World". There were a total of 2,732 participants.

photo photo photo

  • International scout conference
    A Delegation was sent to observe the 4th Far East Regional Scout Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1964. In 1965 Mr C.K. LO, Colony Commissioner was a member of the United Kingdom's Delegation to the World Scout Conference held in Mexico. Hong Kong was also represented in the 4th World Scout Training Seminar held in the United Kingdom in 1966.


Five Year Plan of Development

The Five Year Plan of Development was implemented in 1967 at the aim of expanding Scout Movement with the need of the society.

The Scout Association, Hong Kong Branch

From 1967, the name "The Boy Scouts Association, Hong Kong Branch" was changed to "The Scout Association, Hong Kong Branch".

Establishment of "Friends of Scouting"

A subsidiary the "Friends of Scouting" was established in 1969 for service to youths who are not uniform members of The Scout Association, Hong Kong Branch.

New section name

In 1967, a Scouting reform plan was implemented in line with the "Advanced Party Report" from the U.K. In 1969, Wolf Cub Section was changed to Cub Scout Section; Boy Scout Section was changed to Scout Section (age was changed to 11-16) and Senior Scout Section was changed to Venture Scout Section (age changed to 16-20). Queen's Scout Award was exclusive for Venture Scout. Rover Scout Section cancelled under the new system.

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