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Scout districts developed from 3 to 5

Mr Herald Dahl, Travelling Commissioner for the Commonwealth Scouts visited Hong Kong and suggested in 1951 that Headquarters should develop their responsibilities to Districts. In accordance with his suggestion Hong Kong was divided into Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories Districts. In 1952, Hong Kong District and the New Territories District were subdivided into 4 districts. Together with Kowloon District, there were a total of 5 Districts.

The establishment of Area

Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories were each made into an Area since 1958 with a number of Districts under them.

photoMorse House

With generous donations and helps from Sir Arthur Morse and the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club; together with the subsidies from the Hong Kong Government, a new purposely built Headquarters was erected at No. 9 Cox's Road. The new Headquarters "Morse House" was officially opened in 1954.

Training and activities

  • The Hong Kong Training Team
    The Hong Kong Training Team was set up in 1951. It was responsible for leader's training.

  • Handicapped Scout
    Handicapped Scout Section (which was renamed as Extension Scout in 1967) was formally set up on 1 August 1956.

  • 1st Colony Jamborette
    The 1st Colony Jamborette was held in Kam Chien Village, New Territories from 19 to 22 October 1957 which was attended by over 1,300 Scouts.

    photo photo

  • 1st Gilwell Reunion
    A group of Wood Badge holders organized the 1st Gilwell Reunion in 1958 in order to share the joy and experience in Scouting.


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