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photo1st Rover Moot

Rover Scouts were established as early as 1922 in Hong Kong for young men of 18 and above. The 1st Rover Moot in Hong Kong was held in August 1940 at Mount Nicholson.

Hong Kong Scouts in resistance World War II

During the World War II, a number of Scoutmasters and adult members performed civics duties in the Special Constabulary, Police and Fire Brigade Reserve and Volunteer Defence Corps. They had heroically defended Hong Kong and some even sacrificed their lives in the defence of Hong Kong.

Scout International Relief Service

After the surrendering of the Japanese occupational force, Hong Kong was repossessed by British forces. For the reconstruction of Scouting, the Imperial Headquarters of The Boy Scouts Association in the United Kingdom dispatched a 5 member Scout International Relief Service Team to revive Hong Kong Scout Movement.

1st Post-war St. George's Day Parade

The 1st post-war St. George's Day Parade was held on 28 April 1946 at the Botanical Garden with the participation of 672 scouts and leaders. The salute was taken by the General Officer Commanding, Major General Festing.

Senior Scouts photo

In the United Kingdom, Senior Scouts were introduced in October 1946 for boys aged 15 to 18 whilst Boy Scouts originally remained at 11 to 18.

Morse Hut

After the war and with the help from the British forces which donated a piece of land near the Peak Tram Terminal in Garden Road, a new Headquarters was erected and was named Morse Hut after the then President Sir Arthur Morse. Morse Hut was officially opened on 12 November 1949.

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