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Reserving BPIH's Room by Scout Members
Q: How can a Scout member reserve a hotel room of BPIH?
A: Scout members should first fill in the Reservation Form and then return it to the Administration Branch of Scout Association of Hong Kong to verify the validity of Scout membership. The form will then be transferred to BPIH, which is responsible for checking the availability of rooms. BPIH will directly reply to the applicants about the status of reservation.
Q: Can I reserve a BPIH hotel room through the Administration Branch if I am not a Scout member?
A: No. Only Scout members can have such rights. Non-Scout members have to contact BPIH's reservation directly (Tel: 2376 1111).
Q: What is the rate of a hotel room?
A: The Scout member is entitled to a special rate to be decided by BPIH from time to time. Please check with the latest announcement.
Q: Does the rate of a hotel room include a 10% service charge?
A: Yes.
Q: Will I be entitled to a discount if I stay for a longer period, for example a week, or a month?
A: The Administration Branch can enquire on your behalf, but the decision always rests with BPIH.
Q: Can I request for a room at upper floors, a room with a sea view or a non-smoking room?
A: You have to indicate your preference on the Reservation Form. Yet, decision rests with subject to availability of hotel rooms.
Q: When could I check-in and check-out?
A: You could check-in at 14:00 p.m. and check-out at or before 12:00.
Q: Can I check-in or check-out at a different time as prescribed?
A: You have to indicate them on your Reservation Form. Yet, the decision rests with BPIH.
Q: What types of rooms are available?
A: 3 types: Single, Double and Family (4 persons)
Q: How about the charge for additional beds?
A: $100 will be charged for one additional bed and $150 for two additional beds. Request must be indicated on the Reservation Form.
Q: Can I alter or cancel the booking date?
A: You must fax the amended Reservation Form to Administration Branch immediately. The fax number is 2302 1001. Yet, the decision rests with BPIH.
Q: Where can I obtain the Reservation Form?
A: You can download it from our web site (www.scout.org.hk) or contact Ms. Wong of the Administration Branch at 2957 6330.

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