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Non-sectional Activity Groups

  1. Extension Scouts

The Aim

To provide Scouting activities to the handicapped young people to develop their potentials, and ultimately achieving the aim of Scout Movement - to encourage the development of young people in physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual so that they can be a good citizen and contributing to the society.


In 1950, although special education had not developed in Hong Kong, our Association had appointed a commissioner for "Handia" to organize Scouting activities to the handicapped young people. Since then, handicapped Scout Groups were established. There were Scout Groups for children with hearing impairment, visual impairment, physically impairment and leprosy.

Since 1967 "Handia" was renamed as Extension Scout. The Extension Scout Board has been established to develop Scouting activities for the disabled. The Board is chaired by the Commissioner for Extension Activities of the Programme Branch in the Association. Recently there are more than 50 extension Scout Groups with hearing impairment, physically disabilities, mental handicap and autism. They are mainly from special schools and training centers. At present, we have Extension Scouts in Cub Scout Pack, Scout Troop, Venture Scout Unit and Rover Scout Crew.

Besides, providing Scouting activities to the handicapped young people, Extension Scouting also promotes inclusive education to encourage the society to accept disabled persons to create an inclusive culture in the society, which is in line with the policy for Scouting with disabilities of World Scout Bureau - Scouting for All.

Generally the training system of Extension Scout is same with that of ordinary Scout, i.e. the progressive training system. Leaders, however, have to modify contents of some training programmes to cater the special needs of these Scouts. All Extension Scouts are encouraged to participate ordinary programmes as possible, such as Scout Rally, fun fair, local and overseas Jamboree etc. However, owing to their limited abilities, it is too difficult to include them into ordinary competition such as Carlton Trophy or Venture Scout Competition. Instead, we have Extension Scout Challenge Shield to enhance their Scouting abilities.

  1. Air Activities

To promote air activities for members, Air Activities Board was established in September 1992 to advise on the air activities' policies. In view of the air activities training, Airman Badge Instructors, Senior Airman Badge Instructors and Master Airman Badge Instructors were entitled mainly responsible for organizing various Airman Badge training courses, assessment and other air activities, such as air camp, visit tour and aero-modelling show etc.

  1. Sea Activities

Sea Activities Board was established in July 1976. The main purpose of the board is to establish training policies, guidelines and to promote sea activities to all scout members.

In early stage, only Pulling Boat?now called Scout Standard Boat?, sailing and canoe were provided to our scout members. Following the development of sea activity in Scouting, we now provide all popular sea activities to our members:

    1. Scout Standard Boat
    2. Canoe
    3. Sailing
    4. Windsurfing
    5. Canoe Polo
    6. Dragon Boat
    7. Rowing
    8. Diving
    9. Life Saving

Each type of sea activities has its own committee in order to maintain the standard of sea activities in Scouting and to meet the standard stated by outside professional bodies. Each committee was organized by the related sea activity instructors in assisting the Association to establish training guidelines and safety rules, and to organize training courses in promoting sea activities.

While providing training courses for youth member are our main theme in future, the board aim to offer more sea activities to leaders, such as Master Grade II, Engineer Grade II and Sea Map Reading Course etc.

  1. Ceremony & Footdrill Group

The aim of drill training is to train up self-discipline, self-confident, absorption in learning, physical and team-building of Scout members. Ceremonial training is also important in Scouting and it encourage Scout members "to do their duty to their Country" and to "respect themselves and others" stated in Scout Promise and Scout Law.

Various level's of drill and ceremonial training Courses were organized by Ceremony & Footdrill Group for leaders. It goes to show the team-building and positive image of Scouting through Scout Rally, Scout Ceremonial & Drill Competition annually.

  1. Information & Communication
  2. Orienteering
  1. Fire Fighting education

Fire Fighting education has been implemented in each Scout Section, e.g. firemen badge in Scout section and Fire Fighting Course for Venture Scout and Rover Scout sections, for a long time. Aim at providing basic fire prevention and safety knowledge to our Scout members in order to enhance themselves the importance of fire safety.

We have selected leaders to attend a 5-day fire fighting instructor training course organized by Fire Services Department since 1980's. Upon completion, all will be appointed as Fire Fighting Instructor responsible to organize fire prevention educational programme to the Scout members. As yet, more than 200 leaders were completed the course.

We are the first uniformed group implementing the "Fire Safety Ambassadors Scheme", which was invited by Fire Services Department in 1996. As yet, the total number of Fire Safety Ambassadors and Trainers in our Association was over 1,500.

  1. Hiking

Hiking helps youngsters and youths to build up character, independence, leadership and endurance. Also it is an opportunity for learning team-building and resolving challenges as arising from being situated in strange outdoor environments. Hitherto, hiking is one of the effective means to foster and promote the standards of Scouting with the following particular merits:

    1. training up physical stamina and endurance;
    2. building up independence and crisis management ability;
    3. inculcating leadership and team-building?esprit de corp?;
    4. practicing what have learnt;
    5. enhancing self-confidence;
    6. enjoying the nature;
    7. cultivating intelligence; and
    8. nurturing morality.

Each candidate must submit an expedition log book and project log book after the completion of the hiking.

  1. Pioneering

"Pioneering" is one of the traditional scoutcraft. Sir Robert Baden-Powell mentioned in "Scouting for Boys" that "PIONEERS ARE MEN who go ahead to open a way in the jungle or elsewhere for those coming after them." Pioneering is a component construction used by ropes and other materials, such as bamboo sticks, poles and pulleys, and constructed by soldiers in war. Pioneering is varied, educational and adventurous group activities. Scouts can strengthen self-reliant and experience team spirit during Pioneering activities.

  1. Environmental Protection

In May 1998, the Programme Branch of the Association has jointly launched the "Scout Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme" with the Environmental Protection Campaign Committee (EPCC) and Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of HKSAR aiming to arouse awareness and encourage the commitment amongst Scout members in participating environmental protection and conservation works. The Environmental Protection Board was established later in October in line with the development. The Board comprises of members from different areas such as Polar Adventurer, scholars, officials from the EPD, representatives from Regional Headquarters etc.

  1. Scout Green Field

The Scout Green Field, situated in Fanling (behind Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming Secondary School), was established in 2002 to serve as a training base for all Scout members and their families to experience and enjoy farming and to promote the care about the environment.

The Workgroup organizes regularly "Farming Workshops" to introduce basic farming/planting skills to provoke interest of Scout members in organic farming and through farming practice to develop a community of the "Friends of Scout Farm" in sharing the joy of the harvest in the Farm.

For all leaders who are interested in knowing more about cultivation activities in Scout Farm, please contact Programme Branch for details.

  1. Sing Song Group (SSG)

The Sing Song Group was found in 2001 with an aim to develop musical talents among Scout members through regular training sessions.

  1. The Hong Kong Award for Young People (HKAYP)

Scout Association of Hong Kong is one of the Operating Authorities under The Hong Kong Award for Young People (formerly known as The Duke of Edinburgh's Award which is under The International Award for Young People). Scout Members who awarded the progressive badges and proficiency badges could achieve the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award of AYP at the same time. For enquiries, please contact the respective regional staff. FOS members please contact the staff of FOS for details.

  1. Scout Association of Hong Kong - Scout Archery Council (SAC)

The SAC was inaugurated in April 1999. The aims of the SAC are to coordinate the archery groups within all Regions and to promote archery in Scouting. We will establish an Instructor Scheme, in which instructors can be appointed to organize various archery activities, training courses and assessments.

  1. Meteorology Team (MeTeam)

As we all know, the weather influences are the key to success of Scouting activities, thus we strike to provide meteorology training and practical skill to the members in the Scout Association since 2004.

The objectives of setup of the team are

    1. to nourish the scout members have concern in weather
    2. to spread and promote knowledge of meteorology
    3. to provide professional advices and technical support

With close relationship with the Hong Kong Observatory, we have organized public lectures and course for the leaders. In the future, more activities will be held with the help from the Hong Kong Observatory. For those who want to have promotion in meteorology education, please feel free to make a contact with us.

  1. Astronomy Team (AstroTeam)

AstroTeam was established in August 2011. The objectives of setup of the team are to provide more opportunities for youth members to participate in astronomy activities, enjoy the stars and enrich their knowledge in astronomy. AstroTeam organizes activities and trainings for youth members and leaders. The team also assists the Scout Association of Hong Kong to promote astronomy.


  1. Overseas and Mainland Activities Subsidy Scheme (OMASS)

The OMASS was found in 2000, aimed at encouraging Scout Members from age 12-30 to widen their vision and personal development by participating in the progressive training and the recognized overseas activities.

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