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Exclusive for Members
You are most welcome to join the Commissioners' Club as a valuable member

Exclusive for Members

  1. Life exemption of annual fee for Commissioners' Club Visa Card holders(exclude Invited Member);
  2. Enjoy the delicious food and beverages at Kum Tao Heen, a Chinese Restaurant (no 10% service charge) and make reservation of VIP room;
  3. Enjoy the wine with a couple of friends in the Impeesa Bar;
  4. Enjoy 20% discount of birthday offer;
  5. Enjoy 50% discount of hourly parking at Hong Kong Scout Centre (exclude Invited Member);
  6. 10% discount at the BP International "Cafe by the Park" & "Flamingo Lounge" is offered to the Club member upon the presentation of membership card / member credit card before the bill is settled. Reservation: 2378 7673 (BP International reserves the right to adjust the premium package)
  7. Club members can enjoy a special rate offered to scouts for reservation of single/double bedrooms of BP International. For enquiries, please contact Club Officer at 29576455;
  8. Join the activities organized by the Club;
  9. Enjoy privilege offered by designated shops;
  10. Receive Club magazine regularly.

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