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  2. The Online Version includes all the pages and items in the printed version and updates all amendments and post-announcement.
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Online Version (9th Edition: September 2014)


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Contents   download
Preface P. ii download
Foreword P. v
Introduction P. ix
Venture Scout Training P. 2-3 download
Standards and Internal Structure of Venture Scout Units P. 6 download
Progressive Awards Flow Chart P. 11 download
Membership Badge P. 14 download
Progressive Awards
Venture Scout Epaulettes P. 16 download
Venture Scout Award P. 19 download
Dragon Scout Award P. 21
Self-Reliance P. 29
Responsibility P. 39
Activity P. 68
Exploration P. 99
Other Badges
Venture Scout First Aid Badge P. 114 download
Religious Badge P. 115
Community Involvement Badge P. 118
The Hong Kong Award For Young People P. 121
World Scout Environment Badge P. 123
Air and Sea Activity Badges P. 123
Course Syllabuses
Venture Scout Executive Committee Workshop P. 132 download
Venture Scout Meeting Procedure Workshop P. 132
Venture Scout Fire Fighting Course P. 133
Venture Scout Expedition Training Syllabus P. 135
Venture Scout Knotting and Pioneering Course P. 139
Assessment Guidelines
Self-reliance Project-based Learning Guidelines P. 144 download
Campcraft and Camp Work Assessment Guidelines P. 146
Pioneering (Practice) Assessment Guidelines P. 148
Venture Scout Unit Constitution Exemplar P. 156 download
Venture Scout Uniform P. 163 download
History of Venture Scout Competition P. 169 download
Conversion of The Venture Scout Link Badge, Membership Badge and Venture Scout Epaulettes P. 172 download
Acknowledgement P. 174 download








Online Version (8th Edition: 2010)


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Cover   download
Forward p1
Introduction p4
Venture Scout Training p5
Venture Scout Section p6
Membership Badge p12 download
Progressive Badges
Venture Scout Award p15 download
Dragon Scout Award p34 downlaod
Other Badges
Venture Scout First Aid Badge p53 download
Religious Badge p54
Community Involvement Badge p63
Air and Sea Activity Badges p72
Indoor Activities Requirement p73 download
Outdoor Activities Requirement p99 download
Course Syllabuses p128 download
Venture Scout Epaulettes Assessment Guidelines p152
Constitution p156 download
Venture Scout Uniform p166
History of Venture Scout Competition p171
Champions of The Prince of Wales p172
Champions of Venture Scout Trophy p173
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