Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 5The Association Headquarters
Rule 5.4 Chief Commissioner

Rule 5.4.1 The appointment of the Chief Commissioner shall be made by the Chief Scout on the recommendation of a Selection Board. This recommendation shall be submitted through the Executive Committee for endorsement by the President.
Rule 5.4.2 The Selection Board shall consist of the Chief Commissioner, all Deputy Chief Commissioners and Assistant Chief Commissioners. The Chief Scout Executive shall be the Secretary of the Selection Board but has no voting right. The Selection Board may make such rules and procedures for the election of the Chief Commissioner as it thinks fit.
Rule 5.4.3 The term of office of the Chief Commissioner shall be four years and the Chief Commissioner shall be eligible for re-appointment for a second term of four years. His total term of office shall not be more than eight consecutive years.
Rule 5.4.4 (a) The Chief Commissioner is the principal executive of the Scout Movement in Hong Kong and is responsible for the management and operation of the Association, the supervision of Professional Scouters and Salaried Staff and the execution of the directives and decisions of the Council and its Executive Committee.
(b) The Chief Commissioner shall be responsible for the appointment of Leaders, Lay Members and the registration of Units, Groups, establishment of Districts and Regions, and ensuring the good conduct of all Members of the Scout Movement in Hong Kong.
(c) The Chief Commissioner may delegate his authority or duties to any commissioner to exercise such authority or duty on his behalf.
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Last revision: JAN 2018