Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 3 The Scout District
Rule 3.3 District Composition and Organisation

Rule 3.3.1 A Scout District is led by a District Commissioner, who is supported by:
(a) The District Staff;
(b) The District Scout Council; and
(c) The District Executive Committee.
Rule 3.3.2 The District Staff
Subject to the work load and needs of the District, the District Staff consists of:
(a) Not more than two Deputy District Commissioner(s). If there are two, one of them shall be responsible for Leader Training;
(b) An Assistant District Commissioner for Leader Training if there is only one Deputy District Commissioner;
(c) An Assistant District Commissioner for each Scout Section subject to 3.3.3;
(d) All Group Scout Leaders (or the Group Scouters-in-charge as the case may be) within the District;
(e) District Scout Leaders for each Scout Section;
(f) A District Quartermaster;
(g) A District Badge Secretary;
(h) District Scouters;
(i) Assistant District Scouters.
Rule 3.3.3 An Assistant District Commissioner of a Section shall not normally be required if there are less than five Groups in the District which have that Section.
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Last revision: JAN 2018