Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 2 The Scout Group
Rule 2.4 Youth Members

Rule 2.4.1 Admission
Subject to Rule 1.3.3, Youth Members become Members of the Association on joining a Scout Group and forfeit this Membership when they leave the Group. Each Youth Member shall only possess a youth membership in one single Scout Group at any time. The admission of any Youth Member to the Scout Group rests with the Group Scout Leader, subject to the membership policy defined in the agreement with the Sponsor, if any. The Group Scout Leader will generally delegate responsibility for admission to the Scout Leader of the Sectional Unit concerned.
Rule 2.4.2 Transfers
When a Member leaves a Scout Group due to moving to another locality, the Group Scout Leader shall, at his request, prepare a letter for the Member to produce to a new Scout Group that he will join. If a Member leaves a Scout Group due to moving to another country, the Group Scout Leader should refer the Member to the International Commissioner of the Association for making possible arrangements for the Member to continue Scouting in the other country.
Rule 2.4.3 Dismissal
A Sectional Leader with the consent of the Group Scout Leader may dismiss a Youth Member from a Scout Group. A written notice shall be sent so soon as possible to the Member's last known address, informing him of the decision with reason(s) and his right to appeal under 2.4.4. In a Sponsored Scout Group, the Sponsor must be consulted before such dismissal takes place.
Rule 2.4.4 Appeals against Dismissal
Any Youth Member who is dismissed from a Scout Group pursuant to 2.4.3 has the right of appeal within thirty days from the date of written notice (with the aid of parents if so desired) to the Regional Commissioner, who may appoint a committee to hear the appeal. Reasonable opportunity shall be given for him to state his case in person to such a committee. If the dismissal occurred in a Sponsored Scout Group, the Representative of the Sponsor who shall have been consulted in accordance with 2.1.2(c), has the right to attend and be heard by the committee.
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