Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 2 The Scout Group
Rule 2.2 Group Registration

Rule 2.2.1 The registration of a Scout Group is recommended by the District Commissioner and approved by the Regional Commissioner. No steps may be taken towards the formation of a new Scout Group without the provisional consent of the District Commissioner in writing.
Rule 2.2.2 Application for Registration
(a) Application for registration of a Scout Group shall be made to the Regional Commissioner through the District Commissioner by
    (i) a person who shall be the prospective Group Scout Leader, in the case of a Non-Sponsored Scout Group; or
    (ii) an authorized person of the Sponsor, in the case of a Sponsored Scout Group.
(b) The applicant shall satisfy the District Commissioner that:
    (i) the proposed Scout Group will be run properly in accordance with this POR;
    (ii) suitable Leaders will be available;
    (iii) accommodation for the Group Headquarters and venue for Scout meetings will be provided;
    (iv) adequate financial support or means to acquire funds can be identified; and
    (v) the prospective Group Scout Leader will:
    - adhere to the Association's policies, rules and procedures;
    - implement the religious, political and child protection policies of the Association;
    - initiate programme and training in accordance with the programme and training policy of the Association; and
    - comply with the terms of the Sponsored Scout Group agreement, if any.
(c) When the District Commissioner is satisfied that the requirements in 2.2.2(b) plus any other requirements that he considers necessary can be met, he shall recommend to his Regional Commissioner the approval of the application.
(d) The Regional Commissioner shall signify his approval by signing the application form if he is satisfied that the registration is desirable to the development of Scouting within the Scout District.
(e) If the District Commissioner or the Regional Commissioner decides not to recommend the registration of a Group, a full report in writing on the matter shall be sent to the Chief Commissioner for his decision which shall be final. Unsuccessful applicant shall be notified in writing.
(f) If an application is approved, the Association Headquarters will issue a Certificate of Registration and send it to the prospective Group Scout Leader through the Regional Commissioner and the District Commissioner. In the case of a Sponsored Group, the Certificate of Registration will be issued to the Sponsor after the signing of an agreement between the Sponsor and the Association.
Rule 2.2.3 Annual Renewal of Registration
(a) A Scout Group is recognized as a unit of the Association only when its registration is current and valid.
(b) The initial registration of a Group is only valid until the next 31st January following the issuance of the Certificate of Registration. It shall be renewed on or before 31st January in each subsequent year through the submission of the registration renewal form and the remittance to the Association Headquarters Subscriptions of Members of the Group (2.11.5). The District Commissioner shall have to satisfy that the conditions for registration as listed in this POR will continue to be met by the Group.
Rule 2.2.4 Changes in Registration and Addition/Deletion of Sectional Units
(a) If it is necessary to change the details relating to the registration of a Scout Group or to amalgamate with another Scout Group, details of such changes shall be submitted to the Association Headquarters through the District Commissioner and the Regional Commissioner.
(b) The addition or deletion of Sectional Units in a Scout Group does not necessitate a change of registration. Such changes are made with the approval of the District Commissioner after consultation with the Regional Commissioner and, if applicable, the Sponsor. These changes shall be reported to the Association Headquarters during annual renewal of registration through the submission of the registration renewal form (2.2.3).
(c) If approval for changes in the registration of a Scout Group is refused, the District Commissioner shall submit a full report in writing to the Chief Commissioner so soon as practicable through his Regional Commissioner.
Rule 2.2.5 Suspension of Registration
(a) A Scout Group may have its registration suspended by the District Commissioner with the approval of the Regional Commissioner.
(b) In the event of suspension of registration all Group activities, apart from Group Council meetings, shall cease and all Scouters in the Group are suspended as if each was individually suspended under 1.3.7. No member of the Group may wear the uniform or badges of the Association. If the Group Council is included in the suspension, this shall be specified and the District Executive Committee will be responsible for the administration of Scout Group property and finance during the suspension.
(c) The Group Council will only be included in the suspension if there is special reason(s) and with the specific approval of the Regional Commissioner.
(d) A District Commissioner who suspends a Group shall submit a full report in writing through the Regional Commissioner to the Chief Commissioner and he shall also notify the Sponsor, if any.
(e) Suspension of Registration is a temporary measure and it should be followed as soon as possible by a full inquiry. The Regional Commissioner may appoint a Board of Inquiry. All parties concerned shall be given a reasonable opportunity to state their cases. The Regional Commissioner may, however, decide not to appoint a Board of Inquiry if the cause leading to the suspension can be resolved in accordance with this POR, and the suspension is consequently uplifted.
(f) Group activities shall resume when the District Commissioner uplifts the suspension of registration.
Rule 2.2.6 Cancellation of Registration
(a) The registration of a Scout Group may be cancelled by the Association Headquarters:
    (i) on the recommendation of the Regional Commissioner following a Board of Inquiry convened in accordance with 2.2.5(e); or
    (ii) if registration is not renewed by the Scout Group in accordance with 2.2.3(b) at the time of annual registration.
(b) When the registration of a Scout Group is cancelled, the Scout Group ceases to exist. The District Commissioner shall take action to sort out the finance and other assets of the Group in accordance with the Chief Commissioner's instruction (2.11.8(b)) and to arrange for the transfer of any remaining Members of the closed Group, if required, to another Scout Group.
Rule 2.2.7 Suspension and Closure of Sectional Units within a Group
(a) A Sectional Unit within a Group may be suspended by the District Commissioner with the approval of the Regional Commissioner.
(b) Suspension of a Sectional Unit is a temporary measure. The Regional Commissioner shall take action to institute an inquiry as stated in 2.2.5(e).
(c) The District Commissioner may consult the Representative of the Sponsor, if any, prior to suspension unless, in his opinion, this is a matter of such urgency that there is insufficient time for such consultation.
(d) A Sectional Unit may be closed by the District Commissioner with the approval of the Regional Commissioner, following consultation with the Sponsor, if any.
(e) The District Commissioner shall make arrangement for the transfer of any remaining Members of the closed Sectional Unit, if necessary, to another Scout Group.
Rule 2.2.8 Group Title and Number
(a) The Association Headquarters shall assign Group title and number to all Scout Groups at the time of registration.
(b) Unless already registered and assigned by the Association Headquarters, no Group title shall include a reference to a Scout District, Sea Scout or Air Scout unit.
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