Policy, Organisation and Rules - Scout Association of Hong Kong
Policy, Organisation and Rules

Rule 2The Scout Group
Rule 2.10 The Group Council
Rule 2.10.1 The Group Council
A Scout Group should have a Group Council, which supports Scouting in the Group. Under the Chairmanship of the Group President/Group Chairman, it shall hold an Annual General Meeting in June each year to:
(a) approve the Annual Report of the Group, and the audited financial statement;
(b) confirm the appointment of the Group President if elected to have one, and/or the Group Chairman;
(c) appoint the Group Secretary and the Group Treasurer;
(d) elect certain Members of the Group Council as defined in 2.10.4;
(e) appoint a Group Auditor;
(f) ratify the budget of the Group for the current year;
(g) consider and approve other matters which can be competently dealt with.
Rule 2.10.2 Group Council Meeting
The Group Council shall meet at least once every six months to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting his responsibilities to
(a) promote Scouting in the Group;
(b) arrange financial support and fund raising;
(c) administer Group finance and assets;
(d) nominate Lay Members for election to the Group Council, in consultation with the Group Scout Leader;
(e) review and endorse the annual report and audited financial statements for presentation to its Annual General Meeting;
(f) plan recruitment of Leaders;
(g) attend administrative matters in the Group.
Rule 2.10.3 Ceasing to be a Member of the Group Council
Membership of the Group Council ceases upon:
(a) the resignation of the Member;
(b) the dissolution of the Council;
(c) the termination of such Membership by the Association following recommendation by the Group Council;
(d) expiry of the appointment.
Rule 2.10.4 Membership of the Group Council
The Group Council consists of:
(a) Group President, if any
(b) Group Chairman
(c) Group Scout Leader
(d) Assistant Group Scout Leader, if any
(e) All Sectional Leaders and Assistant Leaders
(f) Group Secretary
(g) Group Treasurer
(h) Representative of the Sponsor, if any
(i) District Commissioner or his representative, if any
(j) Lay Members, including Group Adviser, if any
Rule 2.10.5 Conduct of Meetings in the Group Council
(a) Decisions are made by a majority of votes. In the event of an equal number of votes being cast in any issue, the Chairman does not have a casting vote and the motion is deemed to have been defeated.
(b) In meetings of the Group Council, only Members as stated in 2.10.4 may vote.
(c) The Group Council shall make a resolution defining the quorum for Meetings of the Group Council.
(d) The Group President, if appointed shall only preside the Group Annual General Meeting.
(e) The minutes of each meeting of the Group Council shall be prepared by the Group Secretary and kept by the Group.
Rule 2.10.6 When a Scout Group does not have a Group Council, the Group Scouters' Meeting shall assume the responsibility to:
1. approve the Annual Report of the Group, including the audited accounts;
2. approve the budget of the Group for the ensuing year;
3. appoint a Leader to perform the duties of Group Treasurer;
4. appoint a Leader to perform the duties of Group Secretary;
5. appoint an Auditor;
6. deliberate on the provision of financial support and arrangements for raising of funds; and
7. administer Group finance and assets.
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