Incorporation - Policy, Organisation and Rules
Policy, Organisation and Rules

The "Policy, Organisation and Rules" of the Scout Association of Hong Kong, commonly known as "POR" was made under the Association's Constitution for the regulation of the Association's affairs. The Constitution was, in turn, made and approved by the Scout Council which was set up under the "Scout Association of Hong Kong Ordinance", Chapter 1005 of the Laws of Hong Kong, (originally Ordinances No. 22 of 1927, No. 33 of 1939, No. 22 of 1950 with Chapter changed to Cap. 286, No. 19 of 1975 and No. 28 of 1977 with Chapter changed to Cap. 1005) under which the Scout Association of Hong Kong was incorporated.

Prior to the Scout Association of Hong Kong being admitted as a full member of the World Organisation of Scout Movement (WOSM) in the 26th World Scout Conference in Montreal, Canada in 1977, it was a Branch of "The Scout Association" (of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Overseas Dependant Territories) and was known as "The Scout Association, Hong Kong Branch". As such the POR in force from time to time in the parent association applied also to the Hong Kong Branch. In 1978 the 1st edition of POR of the newly named Scout Association of Hong Kong was made to replace the then UK POR to reflect these new changes in the policy, organisation, programme, training and rules of the new Association.

The 1978 POR was amended and replaced by the 1987 edition which was further slightly amended in 1993. A draft new POR was completed in 2003 which was not adopted but instead a new Task Force was set up on 15th January 2006[1] to bring the 1987 edition (as amended by the 1993 amendments) up to date. This POR Review Task Force was further strengthened by the addition of four more members in 2007[2]. After 4 years of painstaking efforts, the updated POR in its final draft was submitted to the Executive Committee of the Scout Council and was unanimously approved and adopted on 11th March 2010. This new 2010 edition will, as in the case of its previous editions, continue to provide the direction, guidance and regulation in governing the ever growing Scout Movement in Hong Kong while at the same time keeping the fundamental values of Scouting based on the Scout Promise and Scout Law intact.

Dated this 15th day of April 2010.
[1]POR Review Task Force since 15th January 2006
1. Mr PAU Shiu-hung SBS Chief Commissioner (appointed 1st January 2004)
2. Mr Garson LEE CSMSM
3. Mr Charles WONG Tak-leung
4. Mr Paul KUA
5. Mr CHAN Shu-ying SBS JP
6. Mr HONG Po-sum
7. Dr CHAU Cham-son OBE LLD JP
8. Mr Justein C WONG MBE JP
[2]The four additional members since 3rd November 2007
1. Mr Anthony CHAN PMSM Chief Commissioner(appointed 3rd November 2007)
2. Mr Alexander WONG
3. Mr Raymond LO Lap-wai
4. Dr MAK Wai-ming
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